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Trailer of videos with Jessie Saint in 1080p

In this series Kyle Mason and his XXX stepsister Jessie Saint had a bit of a fling a while ago, but they’ve agreed that they’ll stop fucking each other. When Jessie approaches Kyle to help her stretch to warm up before she heads to the gym, he’s initially suspicious that Jessie is backing out of their agreement to stop doing it. Jessie insists she just wants help, even demonstrating with a few warmup stretches of her own. She has a small tear in her leggings, which captures Kyle’s attention immediately when he notices it. He agrees to help Jessie stretch, but he can’t keep his eyes off that peekaboo hole. Jessie knows exactly what her outfit is doing to Kyle as she waits for the perfect moment in her stretching to rub her ass against Kyle’s cock and bring his boner to full attention.

Now that she has confirmed that Kyle is interested, Jessie insists that she wants to fuck. Kyle is still reluctant since they had agreed not to, but Jessie won’t take no for an answer. Reaching back, she takes that tiny hole and tears it wide open to expose her ass and pussy fully. Kyle can’t resist, such a pretty picture, especially when Jessie reaches back to start stroking his hardon. Once he gives in and sinks his dick into his stepsister’s tight fuck hole, Kyle knows there’s no turning back.

After a doggy style fuck, Jessie sucks her own juices off her brother’s dick before climbing on top to ride him in her cream filled snatch. Her small titties bounce as she gives him a ride that proves they should fuck often! Then Jessie rolls onto her back and pulls both knees back to her shoulders to open herself up completely. Kyle pounds away at that tight twat, satisfying Jessie’s every need before he pulls out to cover her meaty pussy in a shot of jizz. As they enjoy the aftermath, Kyle tries to reaffirm that this was the last time while Jessie laughs at the thought.